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The Canadian Society of Oculoplastic Surgery developed from a breakfast meeting at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal during the annual meeting of the Canadian Ophthalmological Society in June 1981. The meeting was called by W. J. Pidde of Edmonton, who had been on of the founders of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Anyone interested in ophthalmic plastic surgery was invited to attend with a view to forming a Canadian Society. He has expected at least eight or ten surgeons to attend the meeting and had arranged for nourishment to suit. The table was set for twelve, with a huge platter of breakfast buns, some containing what he remembers as an excessive amount of jam and jelly, chafing dishes with bacon and eggs, and a large pot of coffee. Murray Christianson and Joseph Hill of Toronto were the first to arrive. After some time, Bill Pidde appeared, and explained why he had arranged the meeting. After a brief discussion the three decided to plan for a meeting the following year in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Ophthalmological Society which was to be held in Toronto. Dr. Christianson offered to undertake the organizational tasks and began collecting names of those Canadian ophthalmologists who might be interested in such a specialty society.

He arranged for meeting space at the Harbour Castle Hilton Hotel, and put out a call for scientific papers and an announcement that an organizational meeting for a society would be held in conjunction with the next meeting for the Canadian Ophthalmological Society. With some encouragement, enough papers for a short scientific meeting were collected.

The Second Annual Meeting of the Canadian Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Study Group was held at the Harbour Castle Hilton Hotel in Toronto, Ontario in June of 1982. It was a modest success. At the organizational meeting which followed, there seemed to be enough interest to continue. Murray Christianson was elected Founding President, with Jeffery Hurwitz as Founding Secretary- Treasurer.

Over the next year Drs. Christianson and Hurwitz prepared for the third meeting. Dr. Hurwitz organized the scientific program. With telephone consultation with a Bylaws Committee including Dr. W. J. Pidde of Edmonton, Alberta, Dr. Jack Rootman of Vancouver, British Columbia, and Dr. A. Gardner Watson of Ottawa, Ontario, Dr. Christianson prepared a draft set of bylaws. A larger, Third Annual Meeting was held on 26 June 1983 in Vancouver, with an interesting academic programme high-lighted by a discussion of microvascular anastomosis by a guest speaker, Dr. P. Gropper, a Vancouver plastic surgeon. At the business meeting which followed, the proposed bylaws were enacted. Dr Christianson continued as the President, Dr. J.W. Pidde was the President-elect, and Dr. Hurwitz continued as Secretary- Treasurer. Dr. Francois Codere of Montreal kindly agreed to prepare a French translation of those Bylaws, to be prepared at the next meeting.

The formal name of the organization was to be the Canadian Society of Oculoplastic Surgery. The aims of the society were:

“to create a Canadian forum for discussion of new ideas in Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, to include eyelid, lacrimal, orbital and socket surgery, and to improve the standard of practice and teaching of these subjects in Canada.”

“de creer au Canada un forum de discussion original en chirurgie plastique et de reconstruction de la region perioculaire incluant les paupiers, le systeme lacrimal, l’orbite et la cavite anophthalmique afin d’ameliorer la qualite de la practique et de l’enseignment dans ce domain au Canada.”

The Fourth Annual Meeting was held in Quebec City, Quebec on Tuesday, 26 June 1984. Following the scientific meeting, Dr. Codere’s French translation of the Bylaws was enacted. Dr. W. J. Pidde took the floor as the President wit Dr. John Harvey of Hamilton, Ontario as the President-elect. Dr. Christianson continued as the Immediate Past-president, and Dr. Hurwitz as the Secretary-Treasurer. Eleven surgeons were formally accepted as full members of the Society, including Dr. Frank W. Buffam of Vancouver, Dr. Murray D. Christianson of Toronto, Dr. John S. Crawford of Toronto, Dr. Thomas A. Demco of Vancouver, Dr. John Harvey of Hamilton, Dr. Joseph C. Hill of Toronto, Dr. Ernest A. Johnson of Calgary, Dr. William J. Pidde of Edmonton, Dr. Bruce Ramsey of Montreal, Dr. Dennis Rodrigue of Quebec City, and Dr. A. Gardner Watson of Ottawa. Dr. Wendell L. Hughes of Highland Beach, Florida, was granted an Honourary Membership in the Society.

The Fifth Annual Meeting was held in Toronto, Ontario on Tuesday, 25 June 1985. Again, after an excellent scientific meeting whose increased attendance required a larger lecture room, the business meeting was held. New member accepted into the Society were Dr. J. J. Hurwitz of Toronto, Dr. R. Pashby of Toronto, Dr. J. Szeps of Chatham, Dr. J. Weinstock of Toronto, and Dr. R. C. Johnson of Edmonton. Dr. Harevey took the floor as the President and thanked Dr. Jeff Hurwitz and Dr. Murray Christianson for their efforts in organizing the Society over the proceeding few years. The President-elect was Dr. B. Ramsey of Montreal and the new Secretary-Treasurer was Dr. Frank Buffam of Vancouver.

The Sixth Annual Meeting was held in Vancouver, British Columbia in June 1986.

The Seventh Annual Meeting was held in Montreal, Quebec in June 1987.

The Eighth Annual Meeting was held in Saint John, New Brunswick on the 26 of June 1988.

The Ninth Annual Meeting was held in Calgary, Alberta on 25 June 1989.

The Tenth Annual Meeting will be held in Quebec City, Quebec, on 24 June 1990.

Christianson – CSOPS History revised 21 June 1990